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Ten percent of all sales of Maia Chung Artworks and (MCA) merchandise will be donated to the work of The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation as well as the Cancer care facilities in Kingston Jamaica.

Maia Chung Paintings

Scenes from the Liguanea Art Festival 2016, featuring the artist Maia Chung  as well as art enthusiasts, buyers and attendees interacting with the works of visual artist Maia Chung.

The latest work available for sale by Jamaican fine artist and photographer Maia Chung is, her photo series titled ” Flora and Fauna from the Scott’s Hall Maroon Heritage Site in St.Mary Jamaica.
Various versions of the work are available for purchase by emailing


Maia Chung

Maia Chung

Maia Chung is a Jamaican artist living and working in Kingston Jamaica. Her artistic approach is called ‘Mistakenism.’ She created that definition because she deliberately plants errors in her work. She plans to enter the world of visual art to add to what exists, not fit in. ‘Mistakenism,’ to Chung, means no matter what the image looks like (read life), everything, no matter who you are, will contain imperfections and mistakes.

Chung says, “Life has taught me that there really are no mistakes, whatever the manifestation, that is how the thing is supposed to be. And it is out of these human defined flaws or mistakes that blooms a majority of life’s deepset beauties and triumphs.” Her art journey is about that. She prefers to use collage, mixed mediums and recycled materials in her work.

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WhatsApp: 347 399 5539